Lisbon Travel Guide: the basics


As Lisbon has so many things you can see and do, I’ve decided to start this post series: Lisbon Travel Guide!

So, as first a piece, these are the Lisbon basic touristic spots, the “must-see” for every first time visitor.

Baixa-Chiado The whole downtown area is essential to see, if you’re coming to Lisbon. You can start in Rossio and walk through Rua Augusta until Praça do Comércio. If you go up on the Rua Augusta’s arch, you’ll get a stunning view of the square and the river. You should also go to Chiado, and check the St. Justa elevator..

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Electrico 28  This tram is super famous around the world. Even by its own, it’s really nice for a capture, but if you take a ride on, you’ll see Lisbon most incredible sights and buildings.



Belém  The whole Belém area is impressive: in here you will find a few of our most remarcable monuments. Starting with the biggest, Jeronimos monastary was built in the XVI century and it is enourmosly beautiful. By crossing to the other side of the road, next to the Tagus river is located the Monument to the Discoveries (in portuguese Padrão dos Descobrimentos) build in honor of Henry the Navigator and all the Portuguese dicoveries, not only it is amazing from the outside but you can go up and see the amazing view. If you walk along the river, you will get to the Belem Tower

You’ve probably heard about our famous custard tarts, right? Here is where you can have it, they are called pastéis de belém. You also have the Jeronimos Monastary which enourmously beautiful.

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Alfama This is probably the oldest, most famous and most enchanting neighbourhood in Lisbon. It has incredible views and a charm of its own. This place is also known for Fado music houses, since it comes from here.


Parque Edward XVII  The view on the top of this park awsome!  You see all the way to the river.

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For me, these are the most touristic spots of Lisbon. Of course there’s plenty more I want to share with you, so stay tuned because this beautiful city has a lot for me to tell you!


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9 Reasons to visit Lisbon

Hello there!

As you know, I live in Lisbon and I am absolutely crazy about it. It is a beautiful and charming city, full of life, that never gets boring. There’s always something different to do: there’s a lot to see, a lot to taste and a lot to experience.

When I’m not able to travel to other countries, I love spending time visiting my own country and city.  And as someone who loves to travel, I am telling you: you have to visit this amazing city ASAP.


So, here are few reasons why you have put Lisbon in first place on your travel bucket list.

Awesome viewpoints: Lisbon is called the “city of the seven hills”, and those hills allow you to have a beautiful view over the city, so you have a lot of viewpoints which you can choose from to take a nice shoot or just chill out.

Delicious food and amazing drinks: Seriously. Portuguese cuisine is brilliant!  All the dishes are delicious, including savories, sweets, as well as our wine and liquors. Let’s just say you’ll eat very well.

Cheap destination: Comparing to the majority of the European capitals, Lisbon will be cheap for you, you can get a lot of great food for a little money coffee, cakes, beer… Good value for money, basically.

Beautiful sunsets: My favorite thing to do in  the evening, especially when it’s warm, is to go to a nice terrace and enjoy a beer as the sun goes down. The sky gets so beautiful, full of color and it’s just so relaxing.

Nice people: People in Portugal are known for being very welcoming, and I believe this description is perfect. We just love to have people over and treat them with the best we have.

Amazing Weather: Oh yeah! The sun is shinning and birds are singing! Even when it’s winter it’s not that cold and the sun appears almost every single day, which is very pleasant. 

Beautiful Architecture: I’m no expert on this matter, but there’s beauty in every building, all of them colorful and majestic, the streets are just perfect to enjoy while you’re walking.

Great nightlife: Portuguese people are fun, so our nightlife is no different. You can find a lot of neighborhoods like Bairro Alto or Cais do Sodré filled with people outside talking and having fun. There’s also some great clubs around. And the best? Our night lasts until the sun rises, which is something beautiful to see.

Lisbon has it all: City, forest and beach. You take your choice however you like. My advice? Visit everything, because it’s really hard to choose.

Lisbon it’s a crowd pleaser and it has a lot to visit. So stay tuned, because this is just the first piece about this incredible city!


Lot of Love,