Travel hacks: How to save money on food while traveling

Hello there!

I think everybody knows that food is one of the biggest expenses while travelling, so based on my own experience I will share some tips with you and show how I save money  without starving when I’m on a foreign country

1. If your hotel/hostel has a free breakfast, make the most of it. Eat well and choose food that gets you full for longer. If you have the chance, wrap a few things for later  – I know (supposedly) it is not allowed, but everybody does that, right?… Please tell me I’m not alone 😛 

A lovely breakfast in a B&B – Verona

2. Be careful with tourist traps. Most of the touristic zones are filled with really expensive restaurants and coffee shops, which usually aren’t that good, so make sure you eat in an area that is not very touristic, which is usually where you can get good and cheap food.

3. Do your research. If you don’t know where to eat, look it up. There’s a lot of apps you can use nowadays, like Zomato or Tripadvisor where you can check reviews and prices, so you don’t get surprised with bad food and a huge bill 🙂

4. Don’t eat in restaurants in every meal. If you’re in a city, the majority of supermarkets will have sandwiches or snacks you can eat for lunch, for a way lower price. It can be even better,  if you choose a nice place to eat, like a garden for example. You can also eat in food markets, which usually have great food for really low prices, for example Camden in London or Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam… About dinner, if your accomodation has a kitchen, use it! Even if it is to have noodles, they are such a lifesaver !  But if you really want to go to a restaurant…

Street Food – Camden Market

5. Save your money for the restaurants you REALLY want to go. Don’t eat out just because, if you want to go to a restaurant make sure it is a good one and that you will actually enjoy it. Let’s face it: how many times did you chose a random restaurant just because you were hungry and then felt guilty and regreted wasting money on that? Food is also a part of travelling, it is an essential part of the culture of the countries, so you should experience it to the fullest.


6. Be prepared: If you don’t know when, where or what you are going to eat have some snacks in your bag, like some fruit or nuts for when you are hungry, so instead of buying something in a coffeeshop where the prices are higher, you can just take a bite. And don’t forget to have a bottle of water with you, it is important to stay hidrated.

7. And for god sake: don’t buy food in the aerport/airplanes! Seriously, it is so expensive and the food usually sucks! Make sure you have  food with you for the trip instead of buying food there when you realise you’re hungry.


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