Exploring Berlin – 2-day city guide

After my quick visit to Hamburg, I finally headed to the incredible Berlin. I’ve always felt like I needed to visit Berlin as soon as possible, as it is such an important city filled with history and culture!

Here’s a little sum up of what I’ve done in 2 days and feel like it was enough to make me fall in love with the city:


Berliner Fernsehturm – TV Tower

View from Hostel Wombats

This huge TV tower (368 meters), located in Alexanderplatz , was built by GDR and it’s one of the symbols of the city. This is not, by far, the most important thing in the city but you can see it from literally anywhere!


Reichstag and the Dom

The Reichtag (parliament) is already a pretty impressive building by itself but the dome on top adds something else to it.

You can (and should!) visit the dome for free, however, do book it online it advance (here). It has this incredible 360º view over the city and the architecture is brilliant!


Bradenburg Gate

Bradenburg Gate

This is probably the most famous touristic site of Berlin, the one that appears on post cards and it has “seen” lots of history. It was once the main entrance of Berlin, and it was rebuilt by the reunited Germany , after being destroyed during WWII.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe

Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe

This place was built to honor the memory of the murdered jews during the holocaust. Besides the memorial statues, this venue has a museum below, where you can learn about the reality of the Holocaust and see some true stories about the victims  .

Emotion wise, the museum has pretty strong content and it’s a huge reality slap, however I think it’s worth to see what happened back then.




Visiting parks is always something that I like to do, so obviously I had to take a look to the Berlin’s green”lung”. It is the biggest and most famous in the city and it goes along a big avenue that ends in the huge Victory Column.


It was originally a hunting area and now it’s a park is huge re creative area where you can run, have a pick-nick or just relax.


Checkpoint Charlie


Checkpoint Charlie used to be the crossing point in Berlin Wall between east and west Berlin during the cold war. It’s was often the place where people tried to escape from the east side. This place stands literally on the middle of the street, with some actors pretending to be the guards, so it kind of looks like you traveled back in time.


Terror topography

Outdoors area of Topography of Terrors

Located in the former GESTAPO headquarters area, this museum shows everything there is to know about the horrible Nazi regime, the timeline of the happenings, people involved and photos of what happened.

It also used to be in the border between the soviet and american sector, and here, you can still see a bit of Berlin wall and an exhibit outdoors.



Opera house at Gendarmenmarkt

This square is composed by beautiful buildings of incredible architecture and it usually has a typical market – specially on Christmas. Sadly for me, there wasn’t a market on the day and it was empty with locals passing around, however is always nice to take a sit and check out the buildings.


Museum island

This place is mandatory visit! It has some incredible museums and the well known Berlin’s cathedral.

Berlin cathedral
Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Dome

This probably one of the most popular sights you’ll see in Berlin – truly postcard material!  I didn’t get in because I didn’t had a lot of time and I’m not a church fan, but the view from outside is definitely worthy.


Pergamon Museum
Altar Pergamon
Altar Pergamon by turistando.in

This amazing museum is filled with archaeological pieces of art. The most impressive things to see at this museums are (undoubtedly) the Pergamon Altar, the Ishtar Gate and the Market gate of Miletus.

Unfortunately, Pergamon was under construction (almost cried when I saw it) so I didn’t get in, but I promise: I will be back and step on this historical treasure!


East Side Gallery


East side gallery is the longest piece of Berlin wall standing and is basically an open air street art museum. It has tons of urban art pieces criticizing important political and cultural matters that keep changing – which is kind of the “magic” of urban art.

The most known piece would be the “the kiss”.

As long as you walk around this area you’ll see that is pretty trendy, lots of concept coffee shops and nice places to chill.


Where and what to eat in Berlin?


When you visit Berlin, keep in mind that they love the concept of street food, so usually what you find on the streets is good!

I haven’t tried many restaurants in Berlin but, if you like burgers, do not miss BURGERMEISTER! It’s a super small place – literally a balcony with a tent (only in the winter I guess) below a bridge, in which you eat standing the yummiest, juiciest, most delicious burger EVER! And it’s super cheap.

Talking about traditional food, obviously you have to try the curry wurst – a sausage with ketchup and curry. Pretty simple, pretty german, pretty good! It’s sold all over the city.

Another interesting place that might be worth to check out (and that I ran in by coincidence!) is Ramones Museum and Coffeeshop , a true altar to the band and where you can visit the museum or just have a beer at the coffee place.


Where to stay in Berlin?

I’ve stayed at Wombats Berlin Hostel which was amazing! Perfectly located, really comfortable bed and spacious room and amazing breakfast for a cheap price!


Other places that might interest you:

Tempelholf – an abandoned airport turned into a huge park where people can hang out.

Charlottenburg – The biggest palace in Berlin and one of the main atractions.

Berlin brought me mixed feeling, because it’s a confusing city: it’s not pretty and it has so much going on, but it makes up for its culture and all the history that it bares. It’s a crucial city to visit for any traveler!


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Visiting Hamburg: One day travel guide

Hello fellow travelers!

I originally went to Hamburg kind of unintended because the flight was way cheaper than to my original destination: Berlin. So, I  decided to make the most out of this stop  and see it!

Since my flight arrived to the city pretty late I stayed for the night and then explored for the next day – until my evening bus to Berlin.

Due to the limited amount of time, and in order to see as much as possible, we took a Free Walking Tour (more info about this concept here) , which is definitely the best way to get to know a new city – then moved on to other things I wanted to see.

Based on my tiny one day experience, here are the route I did in Hamburg and advise you to do:




The city hall is located in the center of the city, on Rathausmarkt square, and it it was reconstructed after the great fire of Hamburg. It was also where our tour started.




This building is famous for being shaped as a ship’s prow,  it was designed by Hoger and now it is filled with offices.  Do check the inner courtyard, it’s really different than the regular buildings.




Coming to this street immediately made me think of  Amsterdam or Copenhagen. It’s one of the oldest streets in the district, even tho the majority of the buildings was restored after the fire.


St. Nikolai Church


These are the remains of the church bombed on the world war II . One of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. They also have a pretty interesting museum close by worth to take a look.




The neighborhood of warehouses is a total must see and I think I can risk saying one of the most taken photos in the city!


Elbphilharmonie and the view to Landungsbrucken


This stunning building is one of the best concert halls in the world, its acoustic is unique and so is its design! According to our guide, it took way more time to be built than it was originally planned and it’s was absurdly expensive , so they made the entrance free to the visitors.

On the top you get the most beautiful view to Landungsbrucken port.

Tip: the tickets are free if you get them at the venue, there’s a big line but it’s relatively fast.



If you’ve read my posts, you know I’m a sucker for parks, so obviously I had to come here and take a walk around. This park is huge and the snow  on the floor made it even more beautiful . Don’t miss the planetarium!


Where to stay: A&O hostels

Since I arrived pretty late to the hostel, I just spend the night and left the hotel in the morning, but it was pretty good. Clean, confy and cheap – everything one wants! Totally recommend!

Where to eat: Gasthaus Heimathafen 

I literally found this place by miracle! After leaving the Elbphilharmonie, I was starving and bumped into this place near the metro station. I tried the burger which it was really good, the staff was super cool and it was relatively cheap! Totally recommend!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to see everything I wanted, so I’ll definitely be back one day to explore the city a bit better. So, if you have time, I recommend you going as well to: Planten un Blomen and to the Soviet Submarine. 


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Paris: ultimate travel guide

Being the dream trip of many, Paris is one of the most visited cities ever! It’s a cliché for sure, but any given traveler will have to go there at least once. It’s a big city with much to see, so your route should be carefully planned if you want to make your trip worth it! One thing that I can promise you is that this city is an open sky museum!

After my third time in Paris, I’ve decided to share some basic must go’s with you! 

Eiffel tower

torre .jpg

OMG , could this one be more obvious? Obviously this huge landmark has to be seen, but the questions here are: where from? And is it worth to go up the tower?

Well, going up is a unique experience for sure! BUT,  in my opinion there’s way better (and free!) views of the city rather than the Eiffel Tower. So, the places I suggest you to go is literally bellow the tower, near the margins of the seine. To see it along with the beautiful french capital, don’t miss Trocadero gardens, it’s a gorgeous viewpoint.

Price: 16 € for adults | Website here

Arc du Triomphe

1 arc

To be honest, my first impression of this so called monument was “what a big ass roundabout” . It’s a mess that only the french could deal with! Many cars, many people but you gotta give it to the greatness of the building! It honors the ones who died fighting in the french revolution and it’s located near the Champs Elysées, which you should also check.  If you go up to the top, which you can do only by stairs,  you have an amazing view including the Eiffel.

Price: 12 € for adults | Website here



The Louvre is an incredible and huge museum (I don’t think this word even starts to describe it). Interesting fact: If you would take 1 minute per piece and spend there 8 hours per day, it would take you 75 days to see it all. So yeah, it’s pretty big!

But, if you’re an art lover, you should definitely go inside and spend your day admiring the many pieces included there.

Just in case you don’t know:  the famous Mona Lisa is in there, but don’t be disappointed by the small size of it!

If you don’t have much time to spare here or if you’re simply not a big fan of art, I still advise you take a look at the outside as those stunning pyramids which modern design fits perfectly in the building.

Price: 15€ for adults | Website here

Tuileries Garden


Located right next to the Louvre, you’ll find the Tuilleries Garden!  It’s a public park used by locals and visitors to relax. So it’s the perfect spot for you to sit near a fountain and have a warm coffee while you chill and admire  nature.

Price: free

Saint Chapelle


I’m totally not the person that will visit all the churches, when traveling, but this one… oh man! It’s the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! Its inside has amazing color stained glasses and the effect of the lightning on it makes it something you see once in a lifetime. It’s just mind-blowing and so worth it!



I ended up coming to this place because of the deal with saint Chappelle, but this old prison was a total surprise for me! It was part of the royal palace, which had also the Saint Chapelle and Palais de Justice. The building is very well kept and all the signs were very informative, but the most interesting part for me was the cell of Marie Antoinette.

Price (Saint Chapelle and Concergerie) : 15€ for adults | Website here

Notre dame


Another iconic and unmissable site of Paris. The church itself is huge and beautiful, wether outside or inside. The entrance is free , so don’t miss the chance to check it out! And of course, don’t forget to pay a visit to Quasimodo 😛

Price: free |PS – there’s usually a big line to enter but it walks really fast.

Shakespeare bookstore


This one goes for the book lovers out there! I could just get lost in this adorable quirky book store. It has existed for almost a century,  it has seen a lot of people to pass by, and you just can see that those walls have a lot of stories to tell. Literally. Definitely worth to stop by.

 Pont des Arts 


This was the original bridge where love promises were made through lockers. A few years and lockers later, the lockers were removed due to the weight they made on the bridge. However, any bridge over the Seine is beautiful and in any of it you can find love lockers, after all you’re in  Paris, the city of love.

Sacre Coeur


This church is located in one of the highest points of Paris: Montmatre. This means that you’ll have to take a lot of stairs but it also means that you’ll have a great view. And indeed, it was worth it! The view over the city is just stunning as it’s the church.

Price: Free



This neighborhood is one of the most typical and known from Paris. It’s narrow streets and cute houses are very worth to see.



As this place is out of Paris, you’ll need at least mid day to visit it, so make sure you plan it accordingly. The village itself is very beautiful and quite different from palace, but of course the main attraction is the Château  de Versailles. It’s just overwhelming how big and rich it looks. Covered in gold and showing the wealthiness of Louis XIV’s time.  The gardens are payed separately but they’re really worth to visit as well. Not only they are extremely beautiful, but there’s a fountain show available, which is basically water “dancing” on the sound of music. It’s truly a unique show and very fun!

Price: 16 € for adults | Website here



Of course I had to mention Disneyland! I mean, I’m the biggest Disney lover ever so for me it’s unthinkable to go to Paris and not go to this magical world. But for that I have this whole different article here. Check it out 🙂

Some of my tips to help you having a better experience in Paris:

  • Paris is one of the most visited cities of the world, so no matter when you go it will be FULL of tourists and the lines will be huge. So, make sure you booked every entrance in advance,
  • In the majority of monuments, people bellow 25 don’t pay BUT you have to book! Make sure you book it before as well.
  • Even tho the city is very big, it is doable to visit it by walking and, in my humble opinion, it’s the best way to do it and see how things actually are around there.
  • Food can be very expensive, so if you are on a budget follow  this tips to save some money.

Have you visited Paris? Is there any place I’m missing? Let me know everything !

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Clink78: The coolest hostel I’ve stayed in my life


My purpose with this blog is to guide you when travelling to the places I’ve been to, so despite there are websites and apps to review hostels, I thought that it would be interesting to share my experience at Clink78 with you, because that hostel is something, trust me.


As I told before, I went to London for a flash birthday trip with my boyfriend. As I was looking for accommodation, and I couldn’t find any cheap hotel deals (does that even exist in London?!),  I heard about Clink78 through a friend that had stayed there.

As soon as I started checking the reviews and Clink’s Instagram and Facebook, I immediately knew I had to stay there. They have such a nice engagement with costumers! They share recommendations and tips for travelling to the cities they’re in and they promote activities on their bar (yeah, they have a bar!) every night.

There are two Clinks in London and both of them are really well located – near King’s Cross Station. I stayed at Clink78, which has some nice markets and restaurants around, which might come in handy.

The hostel is located in an old courthouse – how awesome is that! – and it has some rooms that were adapted to keep the old decoration, so this makes it almost a magical spot. For example, there’s a room to hang out and watch tv or work, with the old tables and sits, which a found very cool and original ! Inside, it had some really cute details, full of lights and colors. Its target is obviously young travelers and that shows – all of us are there to have a good time! There’s a really chill environment all around, even everyone in the staff is super nice and outgoing.


As I got to the hostel, I got a big welcome from the girl in the reception who was so nice, she even yelled “it’s your birthday!!”, and all the staff in general was very helpful and nice. They even offered coupons for free drinks at the bar (not sure if they still do) to everyone who checked in, and they upgraded mine for any drink I wanted because of my birthday. That is a nice way to win my friendship :p

About the room, they have some pretty cool mixed rooms with capsules and prison cells, but I stayed in a double private room with bathroom. Even though it is a little small, it was enough for the both of us and it was quite simple and functional. The bed was comfortable and there were some shelfs to put our stuff, but it was a shame that there was no “extra” space to put our coats and luggage, like a cabinet or hangers, as we were there only for two nights, it was not a big deal. The bathroom was small as well, but it was really peculiar, it was like a capsule.

Clink offers a regular continental breakfast with coffee, toast , milk, cereal etc, which was plenty for me. It is held in the same area where the bar works at night, but it was perfectly clean and there was a lot of space to sit and hang out.

It is a super cool hostel to stay for a few days, specially because all the staff is so kind and the hostel is really well located. Plus, the Wifi worked really well (which is a miracle in any hostel!)

Lots of Love,



Porto Weekend Escape


Seeing that I haven’t been to Porto since I was really small and I didn’t remember anything, I decided to revisit it with my boyfriend. And I’m glad I did.

Even though the city is trending, my expectations were not that high, for some reason I don’t even now why, but boy was I wrong! I adored Porto, it is such a charming city, people are so nice and it is very much affordable (more than Lisbon!). I spent two days there and it was enough to see the majority of things, but I would definitely come back.


Guess what I did first? Food of course! Since we arrived at lunch time, and our hotel was pretty close to Cafe Santiago, one of the best places to eat the famous Francesinha, an original dish from Porto which I told you about before .


We then went through Rua de Santa Catarina – if you go there, make  sure you check the notorious Café Majestic, which has a beautiful architecture but is super expensive (3€ for a coffee is a little too much for me). We also tried to go to Bolhão Market but sadly it was closed because it was Saturday afternoon. Usually it is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, and it has this very typical ladies yelling to costumers to sell.

We walked in the center until we arrived to S. Bento train station, which I know it’s quite an unusual place to see but it is magnificent, its walls are filled with tiles and it’s just amazing.


From there we headed to Sé do Porto, which has an INCREDIBLE view. believe me , you can see the whole city from there, just stunning. Then we came down to Cais da Ribeira, through the traditional narrow streets that had  clothes hanging, and I just loved it! So typical and charming!

After we arrived to Cais da Ribeira and took a walk along the river,  we were a bit tired so we decided to rest in this awesome bar named Cais that had great and cheap cocktails (totally recommend !).

After chilling for a while, we took a boat ride through Douro River to see the 6 Bridges, which is mandatory in this city. The majority of this trips is sold all across town, you can get many deals and they usually include a Port tasting. We payed 15€ for a 50min ride and a tasting in Gaia (just across the S.Luís Bridge). We went to the Porto Cruz winery, which sadly didn’t had the cellar, but it had a great rooftop with a perfect view over Porto


At the end of the day, we went to have dinner is this great restaurant called “Venham Mais 5” (bring me 5 more, in english) which is quite recent and trendy apparently. They are known for their “prego” with queijo da serra, which is a popular portuguese dish, basically it’s bread with (really rare) beef and this one is special because t has one of our most famous cheeses, and it is just heaven! As I’m a sucker for desserts, (#sorrynotsorry) I had to have the special chocolate merengue cake and it’s so perfect!!!



The next morning we went to the place I wanted to go the most in Porto: Livraria Lello! You might have heard about it. This bookshop is more than a 100 years old and it inspired J.K. Rowling  to write about some scenarios, when she was living in Porto. I believe that Barnes and Nobles was created due to it. The shop is always full of people, which was a disappointment for me, I mean I knew it was gonna be a lot of people, but I didn’t thought it would be that much… I couldn’t even take a good photo. I advice you to go there either early or very late…



Right next to Livraria Lello, it’s the most obvious and wonderful monument in Porto: Clerigos Tower, it is impressive how big it is! It was considered world patrimony, so do check it out.

After that,  we went to the beautiful Cristal gardens, which are really worth to check out-They have a beautiful lake with swans and you get the most breathtaking view over the Douro river. Really stunning.


If you are into art, you will want to go to Serralves Museum and Gardens, which is a bit far of the city center, you would have to take transportation but it is a great museum and those gardens are really beautiful. I was suppose to go, but that day was pouring rain so I just gave up. They always have great exhibits

Long story short: Porto is a beautiful city, a capital of culture, people are super nice and it has great food and drinks. It is totally affordable and I recommend it to everyone. So, GO THERE! 

Have you been to Porto? Share some tips with me 🙂 


Lots of Love,