11 things to do in Évora – One day trip

Hey there! Long time no see huh? I am back!!!

This time I’m writting about Évora, one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. Évora is a very special place for me, since I have family there, which means: I went there many times and I absolutely love it!

So if you’re spending a few days in Lisbon you can easily take a train and you’ll be there in 1h30 hours for about 10€ (one way).

This amazing city is located in Alentejo region, have you heard of it? Alentejo is this perfect countryside region where you can rest peacefully, try some great wine and marvelous food. Évora is a part of it, and it has many things to visit for itself, but as it is quite small, it’s  easy to see in a day. To simplify it for you, here are my 10 favorite things to do when visiting Évora in a short period of time. Continue reading “11 things to do in Évora – One day trip”


Lisbon Travel Guide: the basics


As Lisbon has so many things you can see and do, I’ve decided to start this post series: Lisbon Travel Guide!

So, as first a piece, these are the Lisbon basic touristic spots, the “must-see” for every first time visitor.

Baixa-Chiado The whole downtown area is essential to see, if you’re coming to Lisbon. You can start in Rossio and walk through Rua Augusta until Praça do Comércio. If you go up on the Rua Augusta’s arch, you’ll get a stunning view of the square and the river. You should also go to Chiado, and check the St. Justa elevator..

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Electrico 28  This tram is super famous around the world. Even by its own, it’s really nice for a capture, but if you take a ride on, you’ll see Lisbon most incredible sights and buildings.



Belém  The whole Belém area is impressive: in here you will find a few of our most remarcable monuments. Starting with the biggest, Jeronimos monastary was built in the XVI century and it is enourmosly beautiful. By crossing to the other side of the road, next to the Tagus river is located the Monument to the Discoveries (in portuguese Padrão dos Descobrimentos) build in honor of Henry the Navigator and all the Portuguese dicoveries, not only it is amazing from the outside but you can go up and see the amazing view. If you walk along the river, you will get to the Belem Tower

You’ve probably heard about our famous custard tarts, right? Here is where you can have it, they are called pastéis de belém. You also have the Jeronimos Monastary which enourmously beautiful.

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Alfama This is probably the oldest, most famous and most enchanting neighbourhood in Lisbon. It has incredible views and a charm of its own. This place is also known for Fado music houses, since it comes from here.


Parque Edward XVII  The view on the top of this park awsome!  You see all the way to the river.

2017-04-20 11_23_24-Catarina Palma (@catarinaaspalma) • fotos e vídeos do Instagram

For me, these are the most touristic spots of Lisbon. Of course there’s plenty more I want to share with you, so stay tuned because this beautiful city has a lot for me to tell you!


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12 things you have to do in London

London!  It’s such a basic destination for a traveler, but it’s my favorite city in the world. Well, at least until today. So, it only made sense that this was the chosen city for my first actual piece. I mean, I posted a billion pictures on Instagram, there’s no way this is a surprise for you! 

I went to England 3 times now,  but every time I’m there I feel that there is not enough time because the city is so amazing and it has so much to visit that I just don’t know how to choose. I absolutely love its vibes and cultural diversity, so I chose a few spots that I totally recommend on a trip  to London.

  1. Check out Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

I know, it’s pretty obvious, but it’s a great place for taking a few shots, specially if you take a walk along the Thames and enjoy the view. The London eye is also located close to there.



  1. Get lost in the Markets

London has a lot to offer in what concerns to markets: Camden, Portobello, Convent Garden, Borough, Broadway… But if you don’t have a lot of time, you will have to make choices.

Camden Lock is my favorite, it is located next to the canal, it’s a great place to grab a quick and cheap bite due to its large variety of street food stalls from all over the world, and I must warn you: all the food looks wonderful (foodie alert!!!). Do check the other stores as well, you can find art crafts, vintage articles, souvenirs… it’s totally worth the look. Don’t miss on Convent Garden, it’s such a cute place. It has a bunch of stores, pubs and nice restaurants where you can sit down and relax a bit. The inside is full of color and the architecture is really nice.  If you are a fan of the famous movie “Nothing Hill”, you should check Portobello Market as well, it sells fruits, jewelry, clothes… and you get to see the original “Travel Books Shop”, which is now a souvenir store!



  1. Take a walk in the Parks 

The parks are an absolute must in London. I suggest you take a relaxing walk through Green Park on your way to the iconic Buckingham Palace. Do check out Hyde Park, which is close to the Palace as well. If you like animals, take some peanuts with you to give the squirrels, they will grab it from you hand and it’s just adorable.



  1. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham Palace is just stunning and the magic of this event will make it seem even more fantastic. FYI it happens everyday at 11am.



  1. Admire a few museums 

The British Museum is one mandatory stop for a first time Londoner, BUT if I had to choose I would go with Natural History Museum. I mean, it has a huge dinosaur and mummies, how can you miss that? Victoria and Albert is also a good choice if you like art.




  1. Walk along the Tower Bridge and go inside the Tower of London 

This worldwide known bridge is just fantastic, so don’t miss the chance to take some great pictures. The inside of the Tower  is just incredible, you get to see the guards, the interiors with complete furniture. It’s really interesting and it really takes you back in time.



  1. Catch a Musical 

You know London is a city of art, so if your favorite musical is in Town, don’t miss your chance.



  1. Shop at Oxford Street  

This popular street allows you to feel the real city spirit, plus it has a zillion stores where you can have your shopping dream day! You  know that certain brand that doesn’t exist in your country and you reaaally want to check out? It probably has a store there.



  1. Eat at Chinatown 

If you are a fan of Asian culture this is the place to go! Chinatown has a wide variety of Chinese restaurants, and the wide majority has really good quality. Pay attention to the prices though, not all of them are cheap!



  1. M&M’s Store 

If you have a sweet-tooth like me, you will love this store. Not only will you drool because of all the M&M’s they have there, but also the store is really fun and colorful. It has a bunch of cool merchandising of the brand, they really pulled it off!



  1. Check the banners at Piccadilly 

You know, those popular screens with advertising that look a bit like NY, don’t miss a chance to take a great shot of it. Just make sure the lights are on, because when I was there the last time it was under construction (just my luck!)



  1. Harry Potter: Making of at WB Studios 

For those who aren’t Muggles, this is the best place you can go when in London. Seriously, I had the best day of my life. You can see every little detail they used in the movie, you will learn about their tricks, see their sets and it’s just amazing. Of course that it is not possible for me to resume my experience in one paragraph, so of course I will make a piece about it really soon!




And you? Are there any spots you like in particular? Is there anything else you might find worth visiting? 

I have much more to tell you about London, so stay tuned  !


Lots of Love